The Riverside Cup Winners.

Riverside Cup (Flatcoats with Riverside Cup points from 1947 until the detailed listing in the FCRS yearbook was abandoned)

The Riverside Cup is presented yearly by the Brittish Flacoated Retriever Society to the memory of Mr Reginald Cooke of the Riverside Flatcoats. It’s given to the Flatcoat that has gained the highest scores from Field Trials based on the point system below. Reginald Cooke was active in the breed from the end of the nineteenth century until his death 1951. He’s probably the most influential Flatcoat breeder of all times and he owned the only two Brittish Flatcoats, Dual Ch Grouse of Riverside and Dual Ch Toby of Riverside, having gained a dual championship title from Field Trials and shows. The list is ranking the point winning dogs starting with the highest number of points for each decade. When additional “total” points are exposed within a parenthesis point from the previous decade is added for some of the major price winners.  

There’s an uncertainty when it comes to the date when this cup was presented for the first time. Nevertheless, figures are covering the period from the restoration years after the second world war until 2004 when the FCRS yearbook ended the full and detailed listing of Riverside cup points. There’s also an uncertainty when it comes to the early figures. They are basically based on the lists of cup winners presented in The Flatcoated Retriever Society yearbook from 1971 onwards. When it comes to the very early years results are retrieved from Nancy Laughton’s book “A review of the Flatcoated Retriever” and Brenda Phillips book “Flatcoated Retrievers”.  Apologies for any faults!

Ingemar Borelius

Riverside Cup Points

Riverside Cup Winners from 1947 - 2017 (links to pedigree)

2017: Daniel Higgs: Feather In My Cap At Higgscroft

2016: Mrs. H. Rosser: Mahinda Dudley

2015: Helen Ford: Percuil Nuvolari Tazio (16 point)

2013: Mr. M. Johnson: Sachbash Dom Perignon (7 point)

2012: Mrs. H. Rosser: Mahinda Dudley (15 point)

2011: Mr. Andy Snow: Necessares Raffle (32)

2010: Mrs. Sarah Turley: Cassblaidd Kaimi (5 point)

2009: Mrs Simon Park: Walnutfarm Nuala (7 point)

2008: Mrs. Sheila Neary: Warresmere Heath Rustic of Collarm (6 point)

2007: Mr. Steve Ashby: Trioaks Macey from Tunnelwood (7 point)

2006: Ms. Lisa Harris: Hawksthorn Calypso (6 point)

2005: Mr. & Mrs. Rosser: Tegwyn Red Spirit

2004: Mrs. Hilary Rosser: Mata Hari Moonbeam

2003: Mr. P. Bruton: FTCH Shirlett Sweetheart

2002: Mr. R. Willatts: Mister Mustard Seed

2001: Mr. P. Bruton: GB FTCH Shirlett Sweetheart

2000: Mr. and Mrs. Gwilliam: Varingo Richboy

          Miss. S. Redpath: Varingo Northern Dancer of Dufftown

1999: Mr. R. Willatts: Mister Mustard Seed

1998: Mr. Griffith: Greatwood  Moonraker of Riversflight

1997: Mr. C. Gwilliam: Varingo Richboy

1996: Mr. P. Bruton: Keness Sweet Bella

1995: Mr Kuen: Rondix Green Matuka

1994: Mr. S. Ashby: Trioaks Alice of Tunnelwood

1993: Mr. Baker: Riversflight Irthing of Holloway

1992: Mr. Harris: Moonlight Padarn

1991: Mr. R. Beckerleg: Jet of Staverton

1990: Mrs. J. Marsden: Tarncourt Rejoice

1989: Mrs. J. Marsden: Wemdom Bright Bond of Tarncourt

1988: Mrs. J. Marsden: Tarncourt Noteable

1987: Mrs. J. Marsden: Tarncourt Noteable

1986: Mrs. E Whittington: Gelhamson Quechua

1985: Mrs. J. Marsden: Tarncourt Noteable

1984: Mrs. J. Marsden: Tarncourt Charm

1983: Miss Gwen Knight: Claverdon Ladybird

1982: Miss Gwen Knight: Claverdon Ladybird

1981: Mrs. A. Jessel: GB FT CH Werrion Redwing of Collyer

1980: Mrs. J. Marsden: Tarncourt Byron

1979: Mrs. A. Jessel: GB FT CH Werrion Redwing of Collyer

1977: Mrs. J. Marsden: Bruderkern Witch Hazel of Tarncourt

1976: Miss C. B. Hall: Blakeholme Joy

1975: Dr. T. Woodgate-Jones: Rum Punch of Warresmere

1974: Mr & Mrs Forster: Wizardwood Whimbrel

1973: Major H. A Wilson: Biddy of Claverdon

1972: Dr N. Laughton: Claverdon Gaff

1971: Major H A Wilson: GB FT CH Nesfield Michael

1969: Mrs Amelia Jessel: Collyers Blakeholme Brewster

1968: Mrs Amelia Jessel: Collyers Blakeholme Brewster

1966: Major H. A. Wilson: Int FT Ch Hartshorn Sorrel

1967: Dr. N Laughton: Claverdon Rhapsody

1964: Major H. A. Wilson Wilson: Int FT Ch Harthorn Sorrel

1962: Dr. N. Laughton: Claverdon Jorrocks of Lilling

1961: Mr. W. H. Hutton: Ch Pewcroft Prop of Yarlaw

1960: Dr. N. Laughton: Claverdon Jorrocks of Lilling

1959: Mr C. Wells: Wave

1958: Mr C. Wells: Ch Waterboy

1957: Mr H. A. Wilson: Pewcroft Page

1956: Me C. Wells: Ch Waterboy

1955: Mrs Kearsley: Flash of Ibaden

1954: Dr N. Laughton: Claverdon Powderbox

1952: Mr C. Wells: Ch Waterboy

1952: Mr C. Wells: Ch Waterboy

1951: Overash Ben

1950: Mr J. Spencer: Joy of Riverside

1949: Mr H. R. Cooke: Nobby of Riverside

1948: Maesmynan Patricia

1947: Greenfield June

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